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Crazy Abdullah The Pharaoh Wizard's Trans-national House of Pancakes

By the Youth; For the Youth

the dimples of a newborn child
Edit: he's home.

My hatred for Spiderman knows no bounds. However, that hatred can't even compare to my disgust with Jedis and their stupid fucking emotionally stunted fuckheadedness. I don't care if fuckheadedness is a word or not; they bug me that much.

Isn't it odd that United States is the first country on that pull-down list thing for filling out this here profile. Sure, the rest is alphabetical but AMERICA IS NO 1! :(

a midsummers nights dream, adult swim, allen ginsberg, alternative commerce, art, beck, bitch please, black canary, boobies, boots and sandwiches, british actors, british television, browncoats, buffy, cake, cardboard, carmina burana, cibo matto, clerks, comic books, cover songs, crafts, crossword puzzles, cuddling, cussing, dada, daria, david bowie, death cab for cutie, discworld, doctor who, doomtree, dream sequences, elliott smith, elvis costello, empire records, fastcarsdangerfireandknives, feminism, fight club, firefly, francesca lia block, free shit, futurama, garden state, gemini, gonzo journalism, green arrow, haha! bicurious, hatin' on sharks, henry darger, hermetic kabbalism, horror, interpol, jam, joss wheedon, julia butterfly hill, kids in the hall, kirkwood, lowbrow, maria bamford, mindless self indulgence, monty python, mos def, mythology, neil gaiman, nerds, nietzsche, old simpsons, p.o.s, painting, patton oswalt, pelvic thrusting, philosophy, photography, printmaking, promethea, quakering, radio, ramones, rhino's, rhymesayers, road trips, sandman, satire, shaun of the dead, simon pegg, singing, star wars, surrealism, survive style 5+, sylvia plath, symbolism, tarot, team lighthouse, tenacious d, tentacle porn, thai food, the daily show, the endless, the kinks, the o.c., the occult, the office, the shins, theatre, they might be giants, thrift stores, tom waits, trenchcoat brigade, tub ring, vampire incest romance novels, velvet underground, vh1 countdowns, vice, voodoo, wesley willis, wfhb, white oleander, x-men, yoga, zach galifianakis, zombies,